Friday, April 13, 2007

Go forward in the direction of your dreams

I haven't posted in awhile so there is a lot to update. In an effort to spare you a little boredom I won't go into too much detail, but basically I moved from Santa Barbara to Orange County to pursue a career with Paul Mitchell the School.

Let's compare, yes? I'll be totally candid as this is my "diary" and feel that it's only right.


Santa Barbara
Worked 5-6 days per week, either for a low hourly rate (doing much more than my job description included, yet didn't get recognition/a raise/a promotion, etc) or nothing at all ("building a clientele".... right.) Vastly underappreciated at work. Ate fast food daily. Lived in old, run down apartment building, in drafty unpainted, unfurnished room. Ugly stained carpet. Gross old cat who made the apartment smell. Roommates stayed in their rooms with the door closed all the time and weren't social. Drank way more than I should. Did lots of drugs. Spent a lot of time around the wrong influences who encouraged said drug/alcohol use. Took surrounding area for granted. Was reminded daily of my ex by things around town and let my heart ache.

.... and now ....

Orange County
Work 5 days a week. Hired on in a leader position right off the bat. Welcomed into company with open arms by all the staff. Paid much more an hour, plus benefits coming soon. Respected. Possibly even overappreciated! Tons of opportunity for growth in the company. Vegan (which also includes steadily dropping pounds despite the fact that I'm not even trying... 7 so far). Living in a really nice house with two awesome girls. And an adorable yorkie and cat. Make new friends almost daily. Seeing a few different eligible bachelors who are super nice to me, and hot. Go out regularly with staff and have a great time. Quit doing drugs completely. Hang around positive, happy people who have direction. Always figuring out fun new things to do. Unaffected by ex and his new realization that he made a mistake and misses me. Basically... MOVING FORWARD!

I KNEW, as I said in a previous post, big changes were up ahead. And here they are. I am so fortunate to have so many positive changes in my life, and great things happening to me. I am working hard to move confidently in the direction of my dreams!

I am happy.

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spence said...

a.) I love you but your blog title is IMPOSSIBLE to spell from memory

b.) obv if you're happy I wish you all best and all love but that doesnt mean I dont miss you for example I just got sick of my hair and buzzed it all off because there was no one to help me decide what to do.

ANYWAY you should call me at some point